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A Comfort K9 is a facility dog that works at the station, department, or office of our emergency responders. The dog spends the day (and occasionally the night) at the facility, working as a therapy dog for the responders on duty. The Comfort K9 program is part of an emotional wellness program and is utilized to reduce the stress and trauma that naturally goes along with the work that the responders handle on a daily basis. The dog is on site to provide comfort, emotional support, and, often, comedic relief for the responders on duty. These dogs take their job of snuggling, playing, and settling with their facility handlers very seriously, and are extensively trained to be the best possible match for their work environment.

The Comfort K9 is paired with a Primary Handler in the facility, who is responsible for the care and training of the puppy. The Primary Handler will often be the main person taking the puppy home after hours, and will work with the dog on and off site throughout the dog's career. Secondary Handlers are also trained to work with the dog, and can supervise the dog in the facility, as well as take the dog out to work in other environments. All Comfort K9 Handlers must go through an in depth training program to make sure that the puppy is being raised to specific standards and to create a consistent working environment through the dog's adulthood and career.

Check out this video interview with Mila and KATU:


From Breeder to Puppy Raiser to Facility Handler

It takes a team to raise a Comfort K9

Puppy Raising

Learn more about how these pups start out their career path, and how to be involved.

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Training the Puppy

Learn more about the training that goes into preparing these pups for their careers.

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Facility Handlers

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the handlers and facilities involved in the program.

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“You can see the whole department light up - 

everyone wants to pet her, everyone wants to be around her”

Officer Adam Keesee, Sherwood Police Department

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