Sponsorship Program

Program Sponsors and Facility Sponsors make a huge impact on the success of the Comfort K9 Program. It takes a village to raise a puppy and we can't do what we do without community support.

Become a Program Sponsor

There are two types of Comfort K9 sponsorships. One is a Program Sponsor, which partners with Paws for Responders to offer services (such as, grooming or vet care) or supplies (such as, food or equipment) for multiple puppies in the Program. Program Sponsors are listed and advertised as sponsors of the puppy, but do not impact the program costs for the facility. It is encouraged that facilities continue to use the services and supplies of Program Sponsors throughout the Comfort K9's career as a working dog.

Become a Facility Sponsor

The second is a Facility Sponsor, which partners with the individual facility to help lower the costs of the Program. The Facility Sponsor can assist the facility by providing financial support for the Program. Many facilities would be unable to participate in the Comfort K9 Program without Facility Sponsor support, so any contribution is greatly appreciated. Check out the Facility Sponsorship options below.

100% of Facility Sponsorships go directly to the facility's cost of the program!

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors will be promoted on the dog's profile page (under Active Dogs), as well as on social media and any program advertising. Additionally, Sponsors may receive perks such as, meet and greets with the Comfort K9, ride-along with a cop, invitation to Paws for Responders events and other functions featuring the Comfort K9, shout-outs on social media, etc. 

Sponsorships are not tax deductible. Contact us today to learn more about sponsorship options!